There are many facets to undocument: gritty remixes, music for films, majestic hip hop beats, and even original tracks. Take a look below at some of the wonderful offerings undocument has to offer.


For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers - Cover Art

On the nine track instrumental For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers, driving drums back up lush strings and haunting pianos, while elsewhere, soothing, bubbling synths ride on booming bass lines.

Vitamin D - Official Movie Soundtrack - Cover Art

With scattered drums, atmospheric synths, droning claustrophobic guitars and electronically manipulated sounds providing an uneasy emotional undercurrent, the fifteen track score is the first major film soundtrack release for Long Beach music producer undocument and is musically in the same vein as the award-winning "The Social Network" and "Drive" film scores.

Beats & Mixtapes

The Unexplained Mixtape - Cover Art

The Unexplained Mixtape is a haunting, absolutely free release spanning over thirty minutes of new and never-before-heard instrumental tracks by Long Beach's foremost Hip-Hop / Electronic music producer undocument.

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The Understand Mixtape - Cover Art

The Understand Mixtape is the first release by hip hop / electronic music producer undocument, showcasing some highlights from his latest musical undertaking.

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The Saintanne : Lights Fall Remixes - Cover Art

In what starts off as a serene reverb drenched re-imagining of the original, this track quickly disintegrates into the hallmarks of undocument's remix work: glitched drums and stuttering guitars enveloped in a propulsive and genre-defying groove.

Magicks : Cycles of Sine Waves... Remix - Cover Art

undocument's remix of Chicago, Illinois band Indie-Pop / Shoegaze MAGICKS song "Cycles Of Sine Waves Peaking Through The Valleys", off of the 2011 album TRIANGLES.

Other Projects

McKenzie Bros. : Strange Brew - Cover Art

Long Beach collective KBH shine on this well-crafted album full of guest spots and seasoned pros. SWISS PRECISE & COMPOUND lay it down as the McKenzie Bros.

Mastered & Arranged by undocument.