Long Beach, California producer UNDOCUMENT has set a peculiar goal for his eighteen track release Pleasures that most other artists would probably take for granted: write music that people pay attention to.

"With my second album, I really wanted to break out of the mindset of ‘background music’ and do it a little more traditionally this time. I just wanted to put all these new songs front and center."
Setting aside the theme of "furniture music" that tied together 2012's sweeping For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers (which indie blog Sergeant Sparrow said had "…an earthy and dream like atmosphere much in the way of Air, or Explosions In The Sky" and acclaimed zine Santanero mentioned was "…soothing,[…] soul-ly and thumpy"), UNDOCUMENT decided to write songs that sit closer to the spotlight, instead of behind a conversation or a good book.

And that’s exactly what he’s done. With nearly twenty tracks, Pleasures is over an hour of thick bass lines, delay-laden acoustic guitars, arpeggiated synths, and otherworldly drones that expand the definition of what makes up the genre of ‘electronic’ music.

But the demandingly dancey "Pulses", the dark infectious jam "Slumberous", or the epic album closer “Eastern” are only a fraction of the varied musical directions that Pleasures takes; what really sets UNDOCUMENT's newest release apart is the much lauded inclusion of guest vocalist Maqui Sainz, the talented vocalist / producer who lends her beautifully plaintive vocals to album cornerstone "This Lullaby".

Similar artists like Tycho or Com Truise, as well as more established inspirations like Flying Lotus and even Radiohead, have seeped into the consciousness of Pleasures, representing themselves in various ways: A subtle recurring piano melody, a spacious driving beat, or even a detuned choir sample that altogether make the album an emotional and accessible listen.


"...[a] dream like atmosphere much in the way of Air, or Explosions in the Sky. It’s not overly dramatic, overmixed, or too repetitive like much electronic music can be. It has a great fluidity throughout."
" can sense the wonder and heartache."

Sergeant Sparrow - 03/20/12

"...rather lovely, bright and breezy, but laid-back..."
" A thoughtful and very pleasant Boards-of-Canada-ish collection of instrumentals..."

Andrew Dubber - 03/24/12

“If you’re in a downtempo, pensive mood this Sunday after some weekend raging, this is definitely the album for you. "

NoisePorn - 3/29/13

"...a great debut album and ...awesome for relaxing..."

CrazyWickedAwesome - 5/10/13

"’s soothing...soul-ly and thumpy. "
"...hits a full-range of different sonic textures and moods."

Santanero - 8/10/13

"...a phenomenal producer..."
"...compared to Flying Lotus, Four Tet, and amazingly, Radiohead."
"...he makes great music and he is super nice."

You've Probably Never Heard Of It - 8/13/13

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