Praise For: "For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers":

"...[a] dream like atmosphere much in the way of Air, or Explosions in the Sky. It’s not overly dramatic, overmixed, or too repetitive like much electronic music can be. It has a great fluidity throughout."
" can sense the wonder and heartache."

Sergeant Sparrow - 03/20/12

"...rather lovely, bright and breezy, but laid-back..."
" A thoughtful and very pleasant Boards-of-Canada-ish collection of instrumentals..."

Andrew Dubber - 03/24/12

“If you’re in a downtempo, pensive mood this Sunday after some weekend raging, this is definitely the album for you. "

NoisePorn - 3/29/13

"...a great debut album and ...awesome for relaxing..."

CrazyWickedAwesome - 5/10/13

"’s soothing...soul-ly and thumpy. "
"...hits a full-range of different sonic textures and moods."

Santanero - 8/10/13

"...a phenomenal producer..."
"...compared to Flying Lotus, Four Tet, and amazingly, Radiohead."
"...he makes great music and he is super nice."

You've Probably Never Heard Of It - 8/13/13