Monday, March 4, 2013

Vitamin D Official Soundtrack

The Vitamin D Official Soundtrack Is Out Now!

Vitamin D is an 2013 independent film by upcoming director / writer Saumene Mehrdady detailing the tragic story of Beth, a disillusioned young twenty-something who is deathly allergic to the light of the sun and her clueless and self-centered boyfriend J over the course of three days.

With scattered drums, atmospheric synths, droning claustrophobic guitars and electronically manipulated sounds providing an uneasy emotional undercurrent, the fifteen track score is the first major film soundtrack release for Long Beach music producer undocument and is musically in the same vein as the award-winning "The Social Network" and "Drive" film scores.

The completely free Vitamin D Soundtrack features the (potential) hits: "Tonight's Your Night" and "Heavy Glare" and also includes unused tracks not presented in the theatrical film including "Infinitely Black" and "Some Kind Of Vampire". Additionally, the full album download on BandCamp includes the unreleased and exclusive "Vitamin D Trailer" bonus track!


Watch "Vitamin D":

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